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How To Select The Best Child Care Or Pre-School Program

It can be challenging to find the right child care or pre-school program. In particular, new parents find it extremely difficult to trust someone with their child. The question is, where do you begin? When looking for the perfect place in your neighborhood, consider these sample questions and different environmental factors.

The first step is to ask the obvious, yet basic questions.
  1. How many children are there per class?

  2. What is the child to staff ratio?

  3. How qualified is the staff?

  4. Is it a certified program?

Next, explore the physical environment by asking questions and observing.
  1. How crowded is the space?

  2. Are there several of the same toys to help avoid arguments?

  3. Are the toys organized, neat, and clean?

  4. Is there a quiet, cozy place to allow for rest?

The next step is to observe the social environment.
  1. Are the children taught to clean up?

  2. Do teachers speak to children at eye level and use clear, simple language along with gestures to help the children understand?

  3. Are children encouraged to interact with each other?

  4. Do they accept and respect a child's need for a security item?

Last but not least, you should consider the emotional environment.
  1. How do educators make children feel welcomed, valued, and safe?

  2. Do the children feel supported to express their individuality without negative consequences?

  3. What are the educators' boundaries and actions? Do they show consistency and respect?

  4. Are there any exercises in the classroom that help students connect with one another?

When it comes to choosing a child care program, you may have a lot of questions. In terms of physical, social, or emotional factors, which is most important to you?


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