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Why You Should Travel With Your Kids?


Traveling with your children is a fun and wonderful experience that can be shared with the whole family.

Here are some reasons you should try to find the opportunity to travel with your children:

Children are able to connect with people from around the world. Traveling helps kids to use their imaginations and helps create curiosity which leads to empathy and compassion. It helps to build their minds and also builds their heart. It will teach them about Inclusion, it helps them to understand what it is to be different, to show support for others and foster bonds of friendship, they become interested in others. They learn about acceptance and love which really is what Inclusion is all about. Love and compassion. They get to know people and through their experiences come to understand others, which in turn prevents hate.

Children learn from a variety of experiences. The more exposed they are, the more experiences they will keep wanting to have. They will want to have more experiences and will want to know more about people, places, and things. Trying a new food or reading a book about a character different from themself, learning about other people’s cultures and backgrounds will teach them to like and appreciate them. Learning about another’s uniqueness through history, sports, music and life styles. Traveling could also promote language development, prompting an interest in learning another language.

What you can do if you cannot travel. Look, we all know that as much as we all want to travel, we may not be able to. Getting time off for work may not be possible. There could be interference with school schedules. We could have other family obligations to tend to and of course, MONEY, financially it just may not be possible at all. You should not let that be a worry or discourage you. Today there is so much out there that is available virtually to explore all the places that you have a desire to see with your children.

Here’s some ways to explore the world virtually with your family:

Use a map or a globe too show continents and discover the borders to other areas that connect to the places you are interested in

Cook a food known to that location. If cooking isn’t your thing, explore through recipes the ingredients that are used, especially the spices, look for colorful pictures for a complete look at the meal. Go to a street fair and try an assortment of different foods.

Discover art, visit a museum website. Many countries have famous sculptures and paintings that are a big part of their history.

Do a craft - make a collage,; flag or color. This can be a fun hands-on way for children learn

Think sports, explore what people are playing. What is the sport of choice for the country you are visiting

Watch a movie - use You Tube to explore a place of interest, look into the animal life. Movies can be fiction or a documentary

If another country is the interest, discuss currency, make play money

Play a game connected to that country (ex. Badminton in Ireland, Kunki in Japan)

Try this online site to learn geography. a great site, but unfortunately now charges a fee, but you can still use equally as good.

Wanna learn the other language, check out or

Consider doing a service project to raise money to support a cause they care about


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