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School Uniforms and How They Differ Around the World

Children must wear school uniforms in order to attend schools where they are required to do so. It is common to see school uniforms in primary schools, high schools, and sometimes even colleges. Uniforms are believed by some to help students focus on their studies. By having a dress code, the children won't have to worry about wearing the latest designer clothes or looking cool as their classmates. Conversely, others feel that uniforms are just too expensive and students should be able to express themselves through their attire. Uniforms won't eliminate bullying, according to some people, and children will simply focus on other things besides someone's outfit. Additionally, depending on where you live, the outlook on school uniforms can vary.

UNIFORMS IN ENGLAND AND THE UNITED STATES School uniforms were first introduced in England in the 16th Century and were originally only used at schools pool families attended. However, over the years it graduated to other schools, even prestigious ones and uniforms started out to become a thing of status. You could now tell what school someone attended simply by looking at what they were wearing. School uniforms didn't make their way to the United States until around 1970, but never became as popular as in England. The majority of schools in the United States that require uniforms are private schools. UNIFORMS IN JAPAN School uniforms in Japan are much more common than in the United States. They are considered cool and sometimes students will even pick their high school based on how cool the uniform is! Believe it or not, uniforms became popular thanks to appearing on well known cartoons such as Sailor Moon. Some prestigious schools will even collaborate with high-end fashion designers to create their uniforms.

What are your thoughts on school uniforms? Do you feel like do more harm or more good? Share your thoughts below!


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