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Creating Emojis: A Story of Selection and Creation

Almost all of us use emojis daily. Adding them to your text messages can add fun and expression to your message. Have you ever wondered how emojis are selected and designed? I'll explain:

Around 50-100 emojis are chosen each year by the Unicode consortium, a group of tech companies and volunteers with coding, technology, and linguistic backgrounds.

So, what does it take to become an emoji?

The emoji must be one that can be used frequently in order to be considered by the panel. In addition, it should be different from the existing emoji. The design should not be overly specific or detailed and it can’t be an individual person.

Make an emoji that you feel would be a great suggestion for the Unicode consortium, considering these parameters. Make a sketch of how you would design it. Also, you should write a short explanation of why the Unicode consortium should consider it.

You can view all the existing emojis on their website.

Did you know that the word emoji actually is a combination of two Japanese words? E (picture) and Moji (character)?


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